محمد مقدادي امينا عاما للمجلس الوطني لشؤون الاسرة

عمان 1/10 /2018
باشر السيد محمد فخري مقدادي عمله أمينا للمجلس الوطني لشؤون الأسرة

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نطلاق مهرجان "لوني بالوني" للحد من العنف الواقع على الأطفال في عمّان دراسة: 42,1 % يتعقدون أن للوالدين الحق بضرب الأبناء لتأديبهم

في وقت كشفت به دراسة حديثة صادرة عن المجلس الوطني لشؤون الأسرة عن تقبل 42,1 % من الأسر ضرب الوالدين للأبناء باعتباره وسيلة للتأديب، دعا مختصون إلى ضرورة تعزيز برامج التوعية بأساليب التربية الإيجابية للحد من العنف ضد الأطفال.

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Queen Rania attends festival launch as part of campaign to reduce violence against children

Her Majesty Queen Rania attended the launch of a festival organised by the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) and UNICEF on Tuesday, as part of a wider ongoing campaign in Jordan to reduce physical violence against children, a statement from Her Majesty’s Office said.

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NCFA discusses strategies, plans to better serve senior citizens

The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) on Thursday held a meeting with the committee entrusted with following up on the implementation of the National Strategy for Senior Citizens, calling on all stakeholders to start executing the activities stipulated in the action plan towards the cel

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National framework against child labour under revision

The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) last week held a series of meetings with stakeholders to update the National Framework for the Reduction of Child Labour and the Manual on Applied Measures, which were prepared and approved by the government in 2011.

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Elders’ protection should be priority of family-based society — Lattouf

AMMAN — “In the Jordanian society, the family is the incubator of all of its members throughout their complete life cycle,” Minister of Social Development Hala Lattouf said on Tuesday, adding “this principle requires placing the protection of the elderly at the priority of the ministry’s work in

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