Video recording in child abuse cases activated

“Each time I had to recount what happened, I would go through the same agony.

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NCFA and Jordan Society for Protecting Family Violence Victims hold a family counseling awareness workshop in Ma’an

In cooperation with Al-Anwar Charitable Society, NCFA and the Jordan Society for Protecting Family Violence Victims organized a specialized awareness lecture on family counseling attended by the former Minster of Social Development Reem Hassan and President of the Ma’an Municipality Akram Kreish

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Specialists and Sharia judges call for a wise media coverage of divorce figures

Specialists, academics and Sharia judges called on the media not to provoke controversy when handling divorce-related figures and statistics and to analyze these figures scientifically by resorting to specialists and relevant authorities who can analyze and interpret these figures soundly.

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“The Adventures of Looney Balloony” to end violence against children in Amman Study: 42.1% believe parents have the right to hit their children for disciplinary purposes

A recent study conducted by NCFA showed that 42.1% of families approve child beating as a disciplinary measure. In this respect, specialists called for the enhancement of awareness programs on positive parenting skills to end violence against children.

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Specialists call for monitoring public policies to ensure economic and social inclusiveness of senior citizens

Participators in a panel discussion on elderly rights stressed the need to review national legislation and public policies to ensure that older persons do not face economic or social exclusion.

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“The Adventures of Loo ney Balloony” concludes

After performing in several areas in Jordan, NCFA and UNICEF concluded the “Adventures of Looney Balloony” festival that aimed to raise awareness on violence against children and promote positive parenting as part of a national strategy to combat physical violence.

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