Al-Fayez: Building a sound family means building a strong and secure society

"The family is the cornerstone of society; building a sound family that believes in higher values and principles means building a strong and secure society; to achieve that, we need to empower and maintain the structure and stability of the Jordanian family and its members," said Faisal Al-Fayez

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Second workshop on "Protection against Family Violence Law"

A second two-day workshop on "Protection against Family Violence Law" kicked off in the Dead Sea organized by NCFA with the participation of several MPs from the House of Representatives and representatives from relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions.

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Al-Hmoud: We are seeking a contemporary law that takes into account the family's pivotal role

"We are seeking to produce a contemporary law that is careful to give the family a pivotal and leading role in the preservation and advancement of our society towards a positive and distinguished reality", said Fadel Al-Hmoud, NCFA Secretary-general.

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Study recommends the empowerment of the Ministries of "Public Works and Housing" and "Youth" to meet child rights

A recent specialized study recommended that more financial support should be allocated for the "Ministry of Public Works and Housing" and "Ministry of Youth" to enable them to best fulfill child rights and achieve justice in the distribution of financial allocations across the Kingdom.

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An Understanding Memorandum Has been signed between Jordanian university and NCFA

Chairman of the University of Jordan, Dr. Azmi Mahafzah signed a memorandum of understanding with the Secretary-General of the National Council for Family Affairs Fadel Al-Hamoud aimed to exchange scientific information and publications related to the family and women.

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NCFA signs cooperation agreement to establish a nursey in Pine Tree

Under NCFA' project "support and activation of the establishment of nurseries in the private sector" which enhances the participation of women in the labor market, a cooperation agreement was signed between NCFA and Pine Tree Company for Textile Manufacturing to establish a crèche in the company

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