NCFA Launches an Analytical Study on Juvenile Justice

During a workshop held in cooperation with UNICEF launching an analytical study on juvenile justice, NCFA Secretary General Mohammad Miqdady said that the Juvenile Law No.

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“The Principle of the Best Interests of the Child - Child’s Right to Protection against Violence” Conference kicks off

In partnership with NCFA, UNHCR and UNICEF, the Public Security Directorate/Family Protection Department organized a conference on the best interests of the child principle.

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Video technology for hearing sexual abuse cases against children activated

Starting from November 2018, the Public Prosecution commenced a system for receiving judicial delegation from public prosecutors in cases referred by the Family Protection Department involving child abuse testimony hearings using modern CCTV technology.

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Housing, education and health occupy the top economic priorities among Jordanian households

According to Jordan’s second periodic report on the status of the Jordanian family issued in 2018, rent or homeownership costs, education and health were found to be top priority living issues concerning Jordanian families.

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First fruit of NCFA’s workplace nursery project opens in Istiklal Hospital

Ministry of Labor and NCFA has announced the opening of Al-Istiklal Hospital nursery, the first of 30 other nurseries due to open under the “Support and Activation of the Establishment of Nurseries in the Public and Private Sectors Project” (one of the National Employment Strategy Projects) fun

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Queen Rania attends festival launch as part of campaign to reduce violence against children

Her Majesty Queen Rania attended the launch of a festival organised by the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) and UNICEF on Tuesday, as part of a wider ongoing campaign in Jordan to reduce physical violence against children, a statement from Her Majesty’s Office said.

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