Children Situation Analysis in Jordan to be released next month

According to NCFA Secretary-General Mohammad Miqdady, NCFA and UNICEF will release a joint situation analysis of children in Jordan next month.
In an interview with Al-Ghad Newspaper, Miqdady pointed out that the final draft of the report was finalized covering 9 key aspects related to the situation of children in Jordan including: child rights, poverty, social protection, health, nutrition, water and sanitation, early childhood development, education and protection of children and adolescents.
“The latest report on the situation of children in Jordan was issued in 2007 and was updated in 2011”, said Miqdady who indicated that the joint report “is based on a collaborative process among relevant ministries, civil society, donors and UN agencies in Jordan.”
“The report focuses on assessing the progress towards the realization of children’s rights in Jordan” as it analyses the current situation of all children in the Kingdom, including refugees and other vulnerable populations, Miqdady added, noting that the report contributes to the provision of data and analysis to a field that often lacks concrete data, which puts children at the forefront of development and humanitarian challenges facing the Kingdom.
According to Miqdady, the report deals with the most vulnerable children such as those with disabilities, children deprived of parental care, children in conflict with the law, refugee children and the poor. In its chapters, the report covers the issues of health care systems, vaccination programs, education, early childhood, enrolment rates, quality of education, child labour, early marriage, cyber protection and other areas of interests.
According to 2015 statistics, the number of the child population in Jordan reached 3.8 million children, which is more than 40% of the population of Jordan. As for refugees, children constitute half of the Syrian refugees residing in Jordan. Based on UNHCR figures, approximately 87% of refugees live under the poverty line resulting in a tendency to resort to negative coping mechanisms to handle the economic situation thus affecting children in negatives ways the most salient of which are dropping out of school, early marriages and child labour.

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