Iraqi delegation commends Jordan's experience in the area of family and child care and protection

A delegation from the Child and Family Protection Department in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior has visited NCFA offices to get a closer look at Jordan's experience in this regard. During their visit, the delegation praised Jordan's track record in the area of child and family care, hailing it as a model for other countries to follow and emphasizing the progress achieved in the enhancement of the system of family protection against violence.
NCFA Secretary General Fadel AL-Hmoud, reiterated Jordan's lead in this area and showcased NCFA's working mechanism and goals centered on helping to formulate and follow up on the implementation of family-related policies, strategies and development plans; enhancing the families' quality of life; strengthening their role to enable them to meet their needs and guarantee their safety; and promoting the advancement of the family, its stability, solidarity and identity.
Al-Hmoud also emphasized NCFA's role in supporting the efforts of governmental and civil society institutions in the public and private sectors concerned with family affairs which is demonstrated in the participatory approach that has been adopted between governmental and non-governmental institutions and international organizations.
On his part, Head of the Family Affairs Unit in NCFA Hakam Matalqah briefed the guests on NCFA's work in the area of family protection against violence at the national level demonstrated in the preparation of national frameworks and mechanisms aimed at institutionalizing work in this area, following a participatory approach among all stakeholders under the supervision of the National Team for Family Protection against Violence.
Matalqah also gave a synopsis of the major projects implemented by NCFA including the National Framework for Family Protection against Violence, Accreditation and Quality Assurance Criteria for Services Provided for Family Violence Cases, and Automated Procedures for Handling Family Violence cases, which are all pioneering projects that help relevant institutions institutionalize their work in providing services to family violence cases and following up on them in coordination with their partners.
Head of the Iraqi delegation, Lieutenant colonel Mohamad Dhafer Naser, gave a presentation on the mechanism adopted by the Department of Child and Family Protection against Family Violence/Iraqi Ministry of Interior which was established in 2013. The Department specializes in family violence cases and its key mission, as Naser indicated, is to provide round-the-clock grievances service, conduct research in the area of family violence and analyze statistical data to provide indicators in this concern.
At the end of the visit, the delegation commended NCFA's role as an umbrella institution for all relevant governmental and non-governmental entities.

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