Minister of Social Development stresses need to establish a senior citizen's fund

Minister of Social Development Hala Lattouf underlined the need to create a fund for the elderly which is regulated under a by-law with clear and specific sources of funding, proposing that a certain amount of money be taken in exchange for services to ensure the fund's sustainability and ability to guarantee positive aging for the elderly whether males or females.
This came during a panel discussion organized by NCFA and attended by the Minister and members of the National Committee for Senior Citizens under the title "The Updated National Strategy for Senior Citizens for the Years 2018-2022".
Lattouf stressed the need to engage the elderly in the development process as key players and to invest in their accumulated expertise and wisdom in all national endeavors.
NCFA Secretary-General Fadel Al-Hmoud pointed out that the council is seeking to regulate this process in cooperation with the Economic and Social Association of Retired Servicemen and Veterans with a view to utilize their expertise by the relevant entities.
Member of the Senior Citizens Committee Haifa Al-Basheer spoke of the challenges confronting elderly care homes which they run in terms of their financial costs, calling investment organizations to allocate a 1% of their profits to the fund.
NCFA expert Arwa Al-Najdawi outlined the pillars of the updated strategy which was prepared following a participatory approach encompassing all stakeholders.

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