NCFA Launches an Analytical Study on Juvenile Justice

During a workshop held in cooperation with UNICEF launching an analytical study on juvenile justice, NCFA Secretary General Mohammad Miqdady said that the Juvenile Law No. 32 for the year 2014 is a substantial transformation in the area of child-related legislation, though admitting the need for improvement in some legislative aspects particularly with regard to application.
Miqdady indicated that the idea behind the study was to achieve the best interests of the child and reaffirm Jordan’s compliance with international standards in this area. NCFA has engaged in a scientific analytical study of the situation of juveniles in conflict with the law titled “Situational Analysis of Juveniles Justice for Children in Conflict with the Law in Jordan with Special Focus on Societal Measures”.
He also added that the objective of the study is to put forward an overall visualization of the actual situation of this group on the ground to serve as a reference document that informs the development of legislation and advances the quality and level of services provided for juveniles who are in conflict with the law.
On his part, UNICEF Representative in Jordan Robert Jenkins lauded the government’s efforts in improving the situation of this particular group and designing programs to overcome challenges facing them, emphasizing Jordan’s commitment to develop a restorative system of justice that takes into account the child’s privacy.
The study in general aims to enhance and support the establishment of a child-friendly justice system that complies with international standards by analyzing the actual situation of juveniles and identify points of weakness and strength so as to enhance the positive aspects and work to address loopholes.
Juveniles in conflict with the law were chosen to be the subject of the study with a view to reach a set of recommendations that can help preserve their rights and achieve their best interests while going through procedures.

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