National Council for Family Affairs… 2017 a year of accomplishments

"Under the guidance of HM Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, Chair of NCFA's Board of Trustees, 2017 was a year of great achievements for NCFA ", said NCFA Deputy Secretary General, Mohammed Al-Miqdady.
During an interview with "Khaberni", an on-line newspaper in Jordan, Miqdady noted that "NCFA has carried out a great number of projects, programs and initiatives on various areas to reaffirm the important role played by the family in our Jordanian community, being the cornerstone of our society and the fountain from which all of us draw our knowledge, values and principles, embodying NCFA's motto Jordanian identity,,,, Global Vision as we try to achieve NCFA's goal centered on the improvement of the Jordanian Family's quality of life".
"NCFA was established by a royal decree under which HM King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein entrusted HM Queen Rania Al-Abdullah with its presidency pursuant to Law No. (27) for the year 2001 with a view to enhance the wellbeing of the Jordanian family and its members, be they children, young or old, men and women alike", continued Miqdady noting that the most salient milestones of 2017 were evident in the legislative area by the Royal endorsement of the "Protection against Family Violence Law" for the year 2017, as NCFA had worked rigorously with all its partners throughout the previous years to mobilize support for the law.
According to Miqdady, the endorsement of the law was followed by a media campaign to spread awareness on its provisions through a series of messages published in daily newspapers in addition to conducting workshops across the Kingdom targeting those concerned with the enforcement of the law. Moreover, given the importance that NCFA attaches to the area of family and child protection, NCFA launched the " Allem La Tallem" campaign via social media in collaboration with UNICEF/Jordan through which awareness messages were disseminated targeting (15) million social network users.
At another level, Miqdady pointed out that NCFA has concluded the first phase of the "Automation of Procedures for Handling Family Violence Cases" Project under the supervision of the National Team for Family Protection against Violence and in cooperation with UNICEF/Jordan. The automation process included the programming and testing of the system in partnership with stakeholders, training workers on how to use the system and build the required infrastructure and ensuring its readiness to receive and respond to violence cases. Several users' manuals were developed to facilitate work procedures.
Among other key 2017 establishments, as Miqdady noted, was the launch of the updated strategy for senior citizens and its executive action plan which reflects the importance NCFA pays to harmonizing work in this regard in addition to making it a national priority at all levels. The strategy was a collaborative work with the national team responsible for following-up on the implementation of the strategy. Also in this area, was the launch of the analytical study on the status of senior citizens in Jordan which monitors the conditions of the elderly from all aspects, particularly in light of the dearth of research and data on this particular age group.
With regard to family counseling, Miqdady said that NCFA has expanded its services to include the Governorate of Ajloun where a family counseling center was opened in cooperation with Islamic Center Association and started offering family counseling services along with awareness raising activities on a variety of family issues. As for early childhood, NCFA followed up on the implementation of the "Support and Activation of the Establishment of Nurseries in the Public and Private Sectors" Project, as several in-house nurseries were opened in cooperation with various factories, hospitals and universities to serve the children of employees in these entities. The number of nurseries established by the end of 2017, as Miqdady mentioned, reached ten, and they were: Sahab Industrial Complex Nursery, Irbid Electricity Company Nursery, As-Safi Factory Nursery, University of Isra' Nursery. The project, which is a National Employment Strategy project funded by the Employment, Technical and Vocational Education Training Fund (E-TVET) in cooperation with Ministry of Labor, aims to encourage women's participation in the labor market.
In the area of childhood, a reader-friendly interactive children's handbook on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was developed which introduces the provisions of the convention in an easy to understand language allowing children to understand the provisions and know their rights at the same time. The handbook was distributed during an event celebrating the Children's Day attended by more than (1000) children.
Also in this area, a "Kindergarten Accreditation Standards" document was released in cooperation with the Ministry of Education to serve as a reference document for the advancement of services provided for children in kindergartens with regard to the physical, educational and human aspects.
On research and studies, Miqdady indicated that during 2017 NCFA prepared a second report on the status of the Jordanian family and a report on the status of refugee families based on a scientific methodology to examine the demographic, social, economic, cultural, educational and health characteristics and relationships of families and to provide information and data to inform policies, programs and action plans pertaining to the Jordanian and refugee families. The latter report was prepared in cooperation with UNHCR/Jordan.
In the area of training and awareness-raising, NCFA conducted a range of training and awareness programs in all areas to raise the capacities and efficiencies of workers in institutions concerned with the family and to make use of their expertise and feedback in future manuals and research, Miqdady pointed out.
NCFA will continue to work on all areas of concern (family protection, family counseling, elderly, early childhood, legislation, research and studies) to implement projects, programs and initiatives that advance the wellbeing of the Jordanian family and its members, concluded Miqdady.

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