Quality assurance criteria for shelter homes adopted

Ministry of Social Development and NCFA signed a coordination agreement to adopt quality assurance criteria for the services presented in shelter homes.
The agreement signed by the Minster of Social Development Hala Lattouf and NCFA Secretary-General Fadel AL-Hmoud aims to achieve coordination between the two parties with regard to the implementation of a quality system for evaluating, accrediting and building institutional capacities of shelter homes. It also seeks to coordinate with relevant bodies at the national level to ensure their support for the accreditation system and its sustainability and to work together to secure and attract funding to be able to implement joined projects that help institutionalize the work.
Under the agreement, MoSD and NCFA will work to realize the goals of the projects in institutionalizing the implementation of the criteria and will both be active members within the technical committee which will supervise the implementation of the projects to come up with a set of recommendations with regard to the accreditation process and outputs.
The agreement also stipulates that each party shall provide the necessary assistance to shelter homes in a manner consistent with the established rules and regulations, with a special focus to adopt the outputs arising from the implementation of the criteria and ensure the long-term sustainability of implementation by incorporating them into the regulating instructions governing the work of home shelters.
The criteria have been the result of cooperation among NCFA, MoSD and UN organizations in Jordan (UNICEF, UNDP and UNHCR) in collaboration with the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC).
The key objective of the criteria is to institutionalize social work in Jordan i.e. institutionalize the services presented at care homes (be they for juveniles, elderly, social protection, beggars, or orphans). Under this process, by-laws, procedures and regulations that govern and determine the quality of the programs will be aligned with national and international criteria and benchmarks in this area in a manner that guarantees the provision of services that meet the needs and rights of the beneficiaries.
Lattouf commended the participatory work adopted during the development of the shelter home services by-law which focuses on providing model services for its beneficiaries and offering a stable and enabling environment particularly for children, calling on concerned entities to evaluate the status quo of those shelters and expedite the implementation of the criteria in accordance with a fixed timetable.
On his part, Al-Hmoud called for the issuance of procedural instructions for the criteria to ensure full and sustainable implementation that will positively affect shelter home beneficiaries.

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