Workshop on Accreditation and Quality Assurance Standards for Family Violence Cases

Twenty male and female participants took part in a three-day specialized training workshop organized by NCFA on the mechanisms and methodologies of implementing the accreditation and quality assurance standards for services provided for family violence cases.
The training workshop is part of NCFA's efforts to enhance the system of protection at the national level and provide technical support for governmental and non-governmental national institutions with a view to scale-up the level of their services provided to family violence cases (including health, social, educational, legal and policing services) in accordance with Accreditation and Quality Assurance Standards for Family Violence Cases adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2014.
The training was based on a manual developed by NCFA and funded by UNHCR which serves as a reference document for care providers providing them with data, tools and guiding scientific instructions on how to apply the standards and measure the level of institutional commitment.
These national standards were adopted with a view to harmonize the work of institutions who provide care for family violence cases, to ensure the quality of services, enhance cooperation and coordination among them at all stages of service delivery, monitor the alignment of internal procedures of each institutions with the professional standards associated with their services, and ensure the consistency and harmony of their services.
The training included participants from relevant institutions including the Ministry of Social Development and Public Security Directorate and will in future target other institutions including the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and civil society institutions (Jordan River Foundation, Family Health Institute, and Women's Union). All workshop trainees will from a nucleus for a future training team for workers in their respective institutions.
The graduation ceremony was attended by the Head of the Protection Program in UNHCR Douglas Disalvo and NCFA Secretary-General Fadel Al-Hmoud.

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