Workshop on Nurseries By-law

Minister of Social Development Hala Lattouf headed a workshop held in NCFA discussing the daycare centers draft by-law for the year 2017.
During the workshop, Lattouf stressed the need for the draft by-law to be in harmony with the decentralization approach adopted at the level of the governorates. She also highlighted the importance of setting standards that apply to all daycare centers in all sectors be they public, private or voluntary; allowing room to follow-up on decisions regarding the closing down of nurseries which have violated regulations; and addressing the issue of integrating children with disabilities.
Moreover, Lattouf emphasized the need to differentiate between the rules and regulations for licensing daycare centers and the classification standards, without undermining the rights of the children benefiting from the centers' services.
It is to be noted that the Ministry formed a committee on this draft by-law two month ago comprising representatives from relevant institutions including the Higher Council for Family Affairs.

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