Workshop on family violence in Private Hospitals Association

In cooperation with NCFA, the Private Hospitals Association (PHA) organized an awareness workshop for health staff working in member private hospitals titled "Family violence: A joined responsibility"
“This workshop represents our mutual concern for the issue of family violence that may often lead to serious physical and emotional injuries for those who might be subject to these conditions on a regular bases”, commented Dr. Fawzi AL-Hammouri, PHA Chairman, adding that “the workshop is part of PHA's strategic plan which is centered on strengthening the role of the family in society and raising public awareness on this issue".
"This phenomenon used to be alien to our society but has drastically increased during the last few years which called the attention of PHA to organize this workshop", added AL-Hammouri, emphasizing the importance of realizing the responsibility shared by health staff in all hospitals to divulge any violence cases that come to the hospitals and medical centers for treatment and to report them to the relevant authorities.
On his part, Secretary- General Fadel Al-Hmoud said that NCFA has taken the responsibility for harmonizing the protection system at the national level in collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental institutions and international organizations to enhance the level of services provided in this area, pointing out that NCFA has placed great interest in the health sector given the importance of its services to community members and its significant role in the early detection of family violence cases.

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Family Protection against Violence Program