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About Us

In recognition of the family as the natural and fundamental group unit of society and the best environment to prepare generations for productive lives and responsible citizenship, the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) was founded by a Royal Decree in 2001.

A civil society organization presided by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, NCFA is an umbrella organization that supports, coordinates and facilitates the work of its partners and relevant institutions which are involved and influential in the field of family affairs. Our multi-sectoral and participatory approach ensured establishing strong partnerships with national governmental and non-governmental organizations, and international organizations.

Contribute to ensuring a better quality of life for Jordanian families through a national vision that supports the country’s development policies and enables the family to attain its optimal aspirations. NCFA works towards maintaining the family’s entity, stability and self-sufficiency through providing the supportive economic, social, and legislative environment.

A national policy think-tank

NCFAis committed to the development, revision and reform of relevant policies, legislations, and procedures to proactively support and promote issues of the Jordanian family. Such undertaking is achieved through directing the researches and scientific programs towards national priorities and keeping the public informed about the current policy issues.

A coordinating and monitoring body

NCFA is mandated to facilitate, coordinate, and monitor the development and implementation of national policies, strategies and programs. Such undertaking ensures the implementation of NCFA's plans and programs both with partner organizations and within NCFA itself in accordance with the overall objectives

Advocacy body for family issues

Mobilizing national support for policies and programs relevant to the family and the rights of its members complements NCFA's efforts in working for the well-being of the family. This mobilization will consequently lead to establishing an informed base of decision makers, family affairs advocates and the public at large. Generating financial resources to ensure the sustainability of family related programs also falls within NCFA's advocacy efforts.

Family Empowerment
Based on our intellectual framework that regards the family as one unit, NCFA focuses on enhancing the family structure and strengthening relationships among its members. Along the same lines, NCFA contributes to the formulation of legislative policies and strategies that provide a favorable environment to establish a unified family and protect it from social disorganization.

NCFA ensures the development of an environment fit for the children of Jordan by extending support to the decision makers and all those working in the field of childhood. Being the umbrella organization for all issues related to childhood, NCFA's contributes to the development of appropriate policies and plans of actions, and creating a legislative environment congruent with the developmental needs of children.

Family Protection Against Violence (designated as World Health Organization (WHO) Collaboration Center for Family Violence Prevention)
Family protection in Jordan is being awarded NCFA's extensive attention. The aim is to curb domestic violence and secure a stable environment for all family members in line with the religious directives, the cultural heritage and the basic human rights principles. Following a multi-disciplinary approach in responding to family violence, NCFA focuses on raising public awareness and placing family protection issues at the forefront of national priorities.

Research and Data Resource Management
With the aim of enabling decision makers and other concerned parties to take timely and informed actions that enhance the quality of life for the Jordanian families, NCFA is committed to being a credible and authentic source of information for all family related data.

NCFA also leads research and studies towards identified priorities along with establishing databases related to family affairs that serves researchers and institutions seeking specialized information and indicators about the Jordanian family.