Delegation for Yemeni Family Counseling & Development Foundation NCFA


A Yemeni delegation from the Family Counseling & Development Foundation in Yemen visited NCFA to learn about its experiences in family-related issues. NCFA Secretary-General Fadel AL-Hmoud greeted the delegation and highlighted Jordan's leading role in addressing family-related issues.
The visiting delegation were briefed on NCFA's work mechanism, goals and roles centered on the formulation and follow-up of family-related polices, strategies and development plans. They were also given an insight into NCFA's contribution in the advancement of the families' quality of life and enhancement of their role in society, enabling them to fulfill their members' needs and ensure their safety in addition to the advancement and protection of the family and maintaining their stability, integration and identity. NCFA's role in supporting, coordinating the efforts of the family-related public and private society institutions was also underlined.
NCFA's Deputy Secretary-General Mohammad Miqdadi gave an overview of NCFA's programs and pioneering projects in the development of accreditation and quality assurance standards for the services provided to family violence cases which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, comprising special criteria for the services offered to family violence cases and aimed at ensuring the provision of standardized and high quality services for violence cases by the relevant institutions in the Kingdom through a set of standards that include indicators and guidelines that illustrate ways to measure commitment at the institutional level.
NCFA works to institutionalize counseling by preparing studies and manuals and by implementing training programs for several institutions concerned with counseling. Along with the family counseling strategy developed by NCFA, it also provides family counseling services through counseling centers established in different areas of the Kingdom.
Head of the delegation Dr. Balqees Jabali commended NCFA's work and the services presented by the relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions. She also expressed the delegation's admiration for Jordan's achievements in this area.