First fruit of NCFA’s workplace nursery project opens in Istiklal Hospital



Ministry of Labor and NCFA has announced the opening of Al-Istiklal Hospital nursery, the first of 30 other nurseries due to open under the “Support and Activation of the Establishment of Nurseries in the Public and Private Sectors Project” (one of the National Employment Strategy Projects) funded by the Employment, Technical and Vocational Education Training (E-TVET) Fund.
During the opening, Minister of Social Development Basma Ishaqat indicated that the project seeks to empower working women, offer a safe and comfortable environment for their children and provide work opportunities for young female graduates in the field of childhood.
Speaking on behalf of the Minster of Labor, Secretary-General Eng. Hani Khleifat stated that having a nursey in the work site raises the capacities of women workers, enhances the development of their children’s emotional, social, cognitive, motor and independence skills in line with contemporary trends in early childhood development.
“The ministry works toward the affirmation of the rights of women and working mothers through legislation including through Article 72 which states that nurseries should be provided for working mothers within their workplace in accordance with up-to-date standards”, he added, noting that the Ministry is doing its best to resolve all issues causing women to retreat from the labor market.
On his part, NCFA Secretary-General Mohammad Miqdady said that since 2016 more than 276 work opportunities were created for young Jordanian women in the project’s established nurseries, and 669 young women from the Civil Service Bureau’s list were trained on early childhood and nursery skills representing different Jordanian governorates.
Miqdady added that the National Human Resource Development Strategy (2015-2016) aims to establish infrastructure for early childhood education and development in Jordan and provide all Jordanian children with access to basic level services in this sector by increasing nursery enrolment rate from the current 10% to 20% by the end of 2025.
“Opening a nursery at the hospital provides care for the staff’s children, ensures job stabilities for its employees and at the same time boosts women’s economic participation”, said Istiklal Director Manager, Dr. Ahmad Al-Ahmad.
This pioneer and humanitarian project has had a great impact and sends important messages to all sectors calling them to provide safe and agreeable environment for their male and female workers