Ministry of Interior’s procedures manual for handling violence cases finalized


Amman - September 23, 2020

“NCFA is putting the finishing touches to the Ministry of Interior’s procedures manual for workers who deal with cases of family and gender-based violence and child protection”, said Muhammad Miqdadi, NCFA Secretary-General. 

Miqdady told Al-Ghad that “NCFA, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, will hold a training-of-trainers course for the Ministry employees on the use of the manual which will help the Ministry put it into practice.”

The manual project signed by the Ministry of Interior and NCFA, as Miqdadi explained, comes in line with national legislation, policies and frameworks demonstrated in the adoption of the National Framework for Family Protection against Violence, the Executive Plan for Strengthening Institutional Response to Family Violence Cases approved by the cabinet of ministers, and the review of procedural manuals of all institutions to ensure their harmony with the methodology of the National Framework.

The anticipated manual aims to: clarify and regulate workflow procedures related to service delivery and the handling of cases at the Ministry of Interior, minimize time and effort during service delivery as well as facilitate the processes of review, auditing and supervision, explained Miqdadi.

With regard to the project’s implementation meachanism, Miqdadi pointed out that a liaison officer will be appointed for the project from the Ministry of Interior, in addition to the formation of a technical committee representing the Ministries of Interior and Social Development and the Family Protection Department to review project outputs and give feedback.

The manual includes response procedures for handling violence cases directly at the governorate and province centres, response procedures for handling cases of family and child violence directly, and response procedures for handling cases of women at risk directly.

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Interior, Muhammad Abu Hammour, said in previous press statements that Jordan has become a model in institutionalizing the response of national institutions to cases of violence through an integrated system of legislation, policies and services, and through an inter-agency approach among all stakeholders.

Abu Hammour emphasized that the manual would be put into effect by the Ministry in realization of its role in protecting the family and its members and responding to cases of violence through its administrative units and centres in the governorates, provinces and districts.