NCFA Board of Trustees visits social institutions/ Signing of a cooperation agreement between NCFA and JRF on the sidelines of the meeting


The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) organized a field visit for its Board of Trustees to Dar Al-Aman for abused children affiliated with the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) and Dar Al Wifaq for abused women managed by Ministry of Social Development.
During the visit, NCFA Secretary General Fadel Al-Hmoud stressed the importance of cooperative work among institutions working in the family sector who are responsible for executing national programs and policies in the area of family safety and protection.
Al-Hmoud added that such visits by board members are meant to check on service delivery and to enhance partnerships between national institutions and NCFA.
Minister of Social Development Reem Abu Hassan emphasized the role of service-providing institutions in safeguarding family solidarity, showcasing services that are provided by Jordanian institutions to maintain such solidarity.
She also emphasized on the role and work undertaken by NCFA in partnership with other institutions that are working in the spirit of the one team.
Board members were acquainted with the services offered by Dar Al-Aman, where JRF General Manager Ghaled Al-Qudah pointed out that the JRF has been working since 1997 to implement and achieve the goals of Jordan River for Child Safety Program (JRCSP) and in turn secure children rights and enhance positive child-rearing practices. The program, as Qudah explained, strives to reinforce positive healthy interaction among family members, particularly with regard to nurturing children within the family, noting that prevention and intervention services provided by (JRCSP) are unique in terms of their holistic and integrated approach to tackling child abuse.
On the sidelines of the visit, Al-Hmoud and Al-Qudah signed a cooperation agreement at Dar Al-Aman in the presence of NCFA Board of Trustees.
This agreement, according to Al-Hmoud is in line with NCFA's role in executing its mandate and tasks that are centered around the adoption of pioneer projects that are relevant to NCFA goals, the provision of technical support and assistance to entities involved with family affairs and the development of their human resources and working methods.
In a press release, Al-Hmoud stated that the cooperation aims to circulate the two awareness packages -Internet World and My First Steps torward Safe Relationships- and Parental Awareness booklet to targeted families in the Parental Awareness Project executed by the JRF.
On his part, Al-Qudah emphasized that the agreement comes in the context of cooperation and partnerships among the different national institutions working in the area of child protection with a view to place child issues among the national agenda priorities.
On her part, Dar Al-Wifaq Manager, Zain Al-Abbadi, pointed out that Dar Al-Wifaq is an integrated service centre for domestic violence victims which employs an innovative working methodology that allows victims and their families to meet a qualified multidisciplinary team representing relevant service-providing entities so as to help them build sound family relationships that can ensure family bonding, safety and reconciliation among members of the family through enhancing the values of dialogue among its members and by building their interpersonal skills within the context of the family