- Conclusion of the workshop on Family and Juvenile Protection Department’s Manual


Dead Sea, June 6th (Petra)- Ayman Mefleh, Minister of Social Development, a trustee of NCFA, said that  concern for and protection of the family and reduction of  domestic violence are based on a royal decree, enhancing the protection system and serving  the family’s  well-being and stability.

While sponsoring the graduation ceremony for the people who participated in a training workshop on the Family and Juvenile Protection’s Manual concerning dealing with cases of domestic violence, sexual assault and child protection, organized by the NCFA in cooperation with UNICEF, Mefleh noted the importance of the workshop that shows the mechanism of dealing with domestic violence cases and child protection and defines the roles of the institutions concerned with dealing with such cases.

The five-day workshop was held in conjunction with Jordan's celebration of the National Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse.  The sixth of June of each year is designated to be a national awareness day to protect the child from the abuse that they may be exposed to. Dr. Mohammad Miqdadi, the Secretary-General of NCFA, said that the preparation of the manual complements the national efforts to institutionalize the response of national institutions to violence cases, in accordance with the national framework for the protection of families from violence, and the unified national work procedures based on the framework, and the importance of finding an action manual that enables workers in the areas of family protection to deal with the violence cases.

Dr. Miqdadi noted that the manual provides procedures and details of the response mechanism and procedural paths to deal with cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child protection, as it focuses on the roles and procedures of workers in the Family and Juvenile Protection Department and partners concerned with responding to cases of violence.

The manual also clarifies the mechanism for linking the response according to the case management methodology, whether it is internal between divisions of the Department or between the Department and institutions concerned with dealing with the case.

It should be noted that the purpose of the manual is to unify the efforts made by the authorities concerned with dealing with cases of violence and to define the coordination mechanism between all these authorities in a manner that ensures the ease of procedures, their sequence and follow-up mechanisms, as well as define   the roles of workers of the case management authorities and the mechanisms for transferring the case management tasks between each other.

It also aims to illustrate and regulate procedures for dealing with the cases handled by the Family and Juvenile Protection Department and save time and effort spent on providing services to the cases.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Colonel Firas Rasheed, the Director of the Family and Juvenile Protection Department, and Mariyaselvam, the Director of Protection Programs-UNICEF. (Petra)