Jordan Takes Part in the International Day of Families


Amman, May 14-Jamil Al-Barmawi In recognition of its primary role in building the community and the dire need for raising awareness on all relevant issues, Jordan will celebrate the International Day of Families with everyone from all over the world on Sunday.

In a statement released on Saturday, NCFA indicated that the United Nations has decided that the International Day of Families shall be observed on May 15 of each year, which is promoted this year under the theme "Families and Civilization."

The International Day of Families day provides an opportunity to demonstrate the importance the international community attaches to families, promoting awareness on family-related issues and to increase knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families.

Dr. Mohammad Miqdadi, the Secretary-General of NCFA has stated that while celebrating the 20th anniversary of its establishment, which coincided with the Council of Ministers’ approval of the draft Child Rights Law, NCFA has been working with the relevant partner agencies to support Jordanian families and improve the quality of their lives, be it children, youth, women or the elderly.

He further added that NCFA is striving to create an environment, in which families can achieve stability, and advance their own well-being as well as fulfil their duties towards their members, given that the stability of individuals within their own family environment and them having a sense of belonging to an integrated and stable unit, will be reflected in the way they perceive themselves and others.

Within the framework prioritizing family related-issues, which are considered the core area that NCFA has been dealing with, the First and Second Reports on the Situation of Jordanian Families were issued in the years (2014) and (2018).

In this regard, Mohammad Miqdadi stated that the first study was conducted on a sample of Jordanian families, which included 1,900 families and 819 family members. As for the 2018 report, the sample included 2,300 families and 9,537 family members up to 18 years old and above. It is worth noting that the two reports provided a clearer picture of the Jordanian families' situation.

Furthermore, the two reports were issued to develop an integrated case study on the prioritization of Jordanian family-related issues and monitor the current situation of these families as to provide comprehensive information on all aspects involving them, and review the adopted national policies and strategies and the extent to which they conform to the Jordanian families' needs.

In addition, he indicated that the two reports focused on monitoring the demographic, economic, health, educational and cultural characteristics, marital status, forms of cohesion and disintegration, and identifying the challenges faced by the Jordanian family, which affect its role.

Miqdadi pointed out that NCFA has also issued several studies, reports and legislation targeting family members of all ages, whether in the field of childhood, family guidance as well as in the field of family and elderly protection, and thus creating a strong reference database on family issues.

He further stressed that institutional nurseries have been established, within the field of childhood, to provide a safe environment for children. There is about 76 institutional nurseries across the public and private sectors.

At the beginning of this year, NCFA has also launched "Osrati", which is an educational and interactive application that provides parents and workers dealing with children with various activities for training as well as a wide variety of tests and criteria for evaluating children. Miqdadi has indicated that NCFA is currently working on re-drafting the legislation issued on family members, and is striving to adapt legal provisions to the needs of the Jordanian family, while stressing that some of the latest and most notable achievements of NCFA is represented in the preparation of Child Rights Bill, and the approval of such by the Council of Ministers at the end of last month. He further added that NCFA has prepared a set of studies and guides entailing special procedures for dealing with cases of violence, while pointing out that the Council was chosen to represent Jordan in the global initiative to end all forms of violence against children due to its pivotal role in this field.

As for the elderly, Miqdadi said that NCFA has paid considerable attention to this category given its importance and societal status.  The issuance of the Elderly Care System in 2021 was placed among Jordan’s achievements in institutionalizing elderly-related issues, according to which a committee was formed from various parties to specify the articles of this system. Besides this, an account shall be opened within the Ministry of Social Development to provide psychological, social and health services to this category.