A Cooperation Agreement to Institutionalize the Nursery Sector in Jordan


The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) and the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) on Thursday signed a cooperation agreement to institutionalize the nursery sector in Jordan.

Signed by Dr. Mohammad Miqdadi, the Secretary-General of NCFA, and Nancy almomani, the Regional Director of WUSC, this cooperation agreement focused on developing a nursery-tailored curriculum, establishing more nurseries in Jordan, and thus creating a safe nursing environment for children as well as improving the nursing skills of nurseries and females working in home, institutional and private nurseries.

In this regard, Mr. Miqdadi has stated that this agreement was signed to complement the cooperation between NCFA and WUSC, and to reflect the efforts exerted by both parties for improving all aspects that are in the interest of family members, indicating that any improvement that mainly affects any individual or members of families will be positively reflected thereon.

Furthermore, he has pointed out that the early childhood stage is highly prioritized in this agreement given that it is a foundation stage, at which individuals establish their lives for the future, stressing the importance of nurseries in enhancing children's developmental skills, which will be positively translated through their behaviours.

Besides that, Miqdadi has highlighted the essential role played by providers of children's services, for which they should be trained in a specialized manner to enable them to provide and improve the quality of integrated services for children, thus ensuring a safe, supportive and enhanced environment for this category.

On the other hand, Nancy Al-Momani has stressed the importance of this agreement as part of the partnerships concluded between NCFA and WUSC, indicating how essential it is to adopt a participatory approach to achieve the common objectives, in a manner that would benefit both the family and society as a whole.

She further explained that a focus will be placed on developing curricula for the nursing profession by having them reviewed by certain specialists and relevant partners. Let alone holding experience-exchanging specialized training, and enhancing the trainers' skills to provide an integrated service for children, thus ensuring that the nursery sector in Jordan is well developed and that women's economic participation is promoted, and accordingly create an appropriate working environment for them.