Board of Trustees and National Team for Family Protection visit Anti- Human Trafficking Unit


Public Security Director Major General Atef Al-Saudi emphasized that crime has evolved significantly and has taken new forms, extending beyond geographical and traditional boundaries, which requires cooperation between the public Security Directorate and all relevant authorities to limit their effects on society and to adopt clear-cut policies against them.
This came during a visit by NCFA to the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit run by the Criminal Investigation Department /Public Security Directorate as part of the joint cooperation and coordination between both sides to learn about the efforts carried out by the unit in its fights against this crime.
Major General Al-Saudi said that human trafficking has become a matter of deep concern at the international level, and has great impact on the human rights that have been enshrined in the Jordanian constitution and all international conventions. This has prompted the Directorate to pursue this type of crime and all related violations through a specialized section in the department.
On his part, NCFA Secretary-General Fadel Al-Hmoud commended the efforts exerted by the unit and its cooperation with all parties concerned to combat this crime, especially that most of the victims are women and children.
Al-Hmoud added that NCFA vows to be an active partner to the unit and will save no efforts in lending its hand to assist the unit and activate its partnerships with international and local organizations so that the unit and its noble human actions will advance even further.
The delegation were briefed by Criminal Investigation Department Director Brig. Gen. Qasim Al-Ibrahim who emphasized that the Directorate is always seeking to enhance cooperation and coordination with public, private and civil society organizations to guarantee the activation and appropriate enforcement of the anti-human trafficking law, take necessary actions to prosecute human traffickers, provide the necessary protection for victims, witnesses and those affected by human trafficking and improve crime prevention.
On their part, the delegation were impressed by the substantial progress achieved by the Department in their fight against trafficking through the establishment of this promising unit which has worked to raise awareness of the citizens, newcomers and people residing in the Kingdom on the nature and dangers of this crime and how to deal with it.