Discussing aspects of cooperation between NCFA and Amman Group for Future Dialogues


A delegation from the Amman Group for Future Dialogues headed by its Director Bilal Hassan At-Tal visited NCFA and met with the Secretary-General Fadel Al-Hmoud.
During the visit, the group made a presentation of its activities, particularly with regard to fighting takfiri thinking, extremism and hatred and immunizing society against radical tendencies through their executive program under the initiative "One nation against takfiri thinking".
The delegation also displayed the group's efforts in protecting the Jordanian family and establishing it on sound foundations through the social integration document issued by the group.
Al-Hmoud gave a briefing on NCFA's goals and efforts in the protection of society through the protection of the family as the core unit of the whole society, emphasizing NCFA's efforts in safeguarding it against all negative elements primarily the culture of violence, hatred and fanaticism.
At the end of the visit, both parties agreed to form a joint task force to sign a memorandum of understanding that sets the foundations for an institutional cooperation that serves our society and safeguards it against all negative effects.