Government Coordinator for Human Rights Visits NCFA


Amman-March 23rd (Petra)- The Secretary-General of the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA), Fadhel Al-Hmoud received in his office today the Government Coordinator for Human Rights Basel Al-Tarawneh as part of the latter's visits to national institutions concerned with human rights to consult and discuss issues related to their functions and competencies. The visit comes in line with Prime Minister Abdullah Nsour's appointment of Tarawneh to act as a government coordinator for matters pertaining to human rights, in implementation of HM King Abdullah's directives with regard to enhancing mechanisms of cooperation, coordination and government follow-up of human rights issues.
During the visit, Al-Hmoud elaborated on the tasks and functions of the Council pursuant to Law No. 27 for the year 2001 and areas of convergence with the newly-established Human Rights Unit in the Prime Ministry. These include providing support and ensuring coordination and integration among public and private organizations and bodies in the society that are concerned with the affairs of the family; offering recommendations to determine national priorities related to the family and its members in accordance with the requirements of the Jordanian society; following-up on efforts to attain the goals of international conventions and agreements signed by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan pertaining to the family, the woman, the child and the youth; and contributing to the development of legislation to take account of the needs of the family and ensure its protection and stability. On his part, AL-Tarawneh pointed out that his visit is part of a series of official visits to national institutions concerned with human rights to develop an institutional mechanism of coordination among them, remove all obstacles that are impeding their work and discuss national priorities.
Al-Tarawneh also stated that the first task of the human rights coordinator is to be responsive to all the needs and to take into account all observations to benefit from them later on while organizing work on human rights issues within a set of pillars related to the review of national legislation and policies, most importantly those related to the actual realization of human rights on the ground to be consistent with the principles and standards of the Jordanian constitution and international conventions and agreements signed by Jordan.
At the end of the visit, it was agreed that NCFA provides the government coordinator with data on NCFA's vision regarding national issues and priorities related to family issues from a legislative perspective.