Graduation ceremony for early childhood and nursery training courses


Around 103 students completed a series of training courses specialized in the area of early childhood and nurseries which were organized by NCFA in cooperation with the Arab Open University (AOU) under the project "Enhancement and institutionalization of services provided for nurseries" which is funded by the Arab Gulf Development Fund (AGFUND).
During the ceremony attended by AOU consultant Dr. Mohammad Hamdan and members of NCFA's Board of Trustees, NCFA Secretary-General Fadel AL-Hmoud indicated that NCFA seeks to establish a model for the operation and institutionalization of nurseries based on the highest international and global standards in cooperation with the University and AGFUND. Guided by HM Queen Rania's directives (Chair of the Board of Trustees), NCFA gives great concern to the early childhood stage and the creation of a conscious and active generation, added Al-Hmoud.
On his part, President of AOU Prof. Mohamad Abu Qdais stressed the importance of the participatory approach adopted by NCFA and the University, emphasizing at the same time the importance of development projects funded by AGFUND.
Representing the graduates, trainee Rula At-Tamimi commended national institutions for being mindful of the importance of qualifying and enhancing the capabilities of personnel working in the area of childhood, emphasizing that they are definitely on the right track to achieving progress in this domain.
It is to be noted that the project aims to enhance the efficiency of university graduates in the area of early childhood and nursery care for children from birth to four years of age. The project includes the provision of specialized training in this area, the development of training manuals and scientific material related to service providers and nurseries, the training of trainers according to the most modern standards and trends in the area of childhood, the presentation of a model nursery compliant with international standards, which can be hailed as an example of institutional cooperation to be followed and rolled out to other Arab countries.
The major milestones of the project are the formation of a team of experts, professionals and technical specialists from AOU and NCFA to work in the preparation of training manuals specialized in early childhood care and nurseries, review of the training manual "Training and qualifying nursery care-providers on the area of early childhood", in addition to the formation of a training team from NCFA and AOU faculty members to conduct training within the project.