Ministry of Interior and NCFA sign family violence manual


Amman, September 22 (Petra) - The Ministry of Interior and the National Council for Family Affairs signed today the “Ministry of Interior Manual for Handling Gender-Based (GBV) and Family Violence and Child Protection.”

The manual was signed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, Dr. Khaled Abu Hammour, and NCFA Secretary General Dr. Muhammad Miqdadi.

Following the signing, Abu Hammour said that Jordan has taken great strides in the field of strengthening the family protection system at the national level, and has provided a model in harmonizing the response of national institutions to cases of violence as part of an integrated system of legislation, policies and services within institutional frameworks based on a participatory approach among all stakeholders.

Abu Hammour indicated that documentation and institutionalization procedures serve the supreme interest of the state, explaining that work that affects the family and its interests must be placed within specific frameworks and should be based on scientific methodologies that take into account the peculiarities of all segments of society.

Abu Hammour commended the role of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR), NCFA and the Ministry of Social Development for their qualitative and collaborative efforts in the preparation of this manual, stressing that the manual will be put into practice by the Ministry of Interior, being one of the national institutions concerned with the protection of the family and its members and the response to cases of violence through its administrative units located in the various governorates, provinces, and districts".

For his part, Dr. Miqdadi pointed out that Jordan has a long experience with the issues of protection and family violence which is based on an effective partnership between the various concerned institutions, especially in the field of developing legislation and setting policies, praising the level of cooperation demonstrated by the Ministry of Interior and other bodies in the preparation of this manual.

It is to be noted that the manual is considered the Ministry’s first operating procedures manual for dealing with gender-based violence cases, which contributes to the regulation of case handling procedures within its administrative units at all levels, ensuring facilitation, sequencing, and follow-up of these procedures and defining the roles, responsibilities and relationships of these units with the relevant partner institutions to ensure an integrated response to cases of violence.

The signing was attended by the UNHCR Senior Protection Officer, Dr. Tayba Sharif, Director of the Juvenile and Social Security Unit in the Ministry of Social Development, Mahmoud Al-Hrout, members of the manual’s technical committee and concerned individuals.