NCFA Board of Trustees visits Substance Abuse Treatment Center and Juweideh Reform and Rehabilitation Center


Members of the NCFA Board of Trustees visited the Juweideh Reform and Rehabilitation Center for Women and Substance Abuse Treatment Centre (SATC) affiliated with the Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) and met with the Director of the Department of Reform and Rehabilitation Centers Brig. Gen. Anwar Al-Qudah and (AND) Director Colonel Sami Askar.
During the two visits, Board members were briefed by center directors on the nature of the work and services offered to their inmates.
NCFA Secretary General Fadel AL-Hmoud stressed the importance of these visits as they give an insight on the institutional and social aspects of police work that is directed for the public good and strengthen ties between citizens and public security officers.
Al-Hmoud emphasized that the united efforts and coordination among public and private institutions contribute to the preservation of the community and its protection from negative societal diseases that hinder development and progress at all levels.
September 16th,2015