NCFA discusses Protection from Domestic Violence draft law


Under the patronage of Lower House Speaker Atef At-Tarawneh, NCFA organized a specialized workshop to review the draft domestic violence law attended by NCFA Secretary General Fadel Al-Hmoud and a group of specialists comprising MPs, NGOs and concerned individuals.
During the opening session, the First Deputy of the Lower House Speaker, MP Ahmad As-Safadi noted that the draft law is one of the key and most sensitive laws in Jordan being concerned with the family, the major building block of our society. He also added that anything that affects the structure of the family should be on top of our priorities by avoiding loopholes and protecting our society and country so as to achieve societal security and psychological and family stability on the long run. As-Safadi considered viewing the draft law a courageous and advanced step that complements Jordan's reform drive, emphasizing the need to take into account the particular nature of the national and social status of the Jordanian community.
On his part, Al-Hmoud, pointed out that NCFA, through its National Team for Family Protection against Violence that embraces a partnership approach with all governmental and nongovernmental partners, has formed a legal committee to put forward a legal drafting of the bill due to the emergence of some legal and administrative loopholes during the application of some provisions of the law. The team has worked for a year and a half, following up on observations offered by different stakeholders which was followed by a legal drafting of the law and put to discussion by specialists from the judiciary, Ministry of Social Development, Public Security Directorate, Jordanian Bar Association and civil society organizations.
Al-Hmoud also noted that all proposed amendments reached by participating MPs, experts and legal specialists during the two-day consultations will be drafted and agreed upon in a manner that is compliant with Islamic Shariah, our Constitution, international conventions, the legislation in force and the Jordanian positive social heritage. The objective is to arrive at a law that is modern, protects the family and its members and enhances and maximizes its role in society. This will allow the family to be a contributing factor to safeguarding our value and civilization heritage while at the same time keeping pace with economic, social and cultural changes around us.
On his part, UNICEF Jordan Representative Robert Jenkins said that" Home is the safest place on earth in the eyes of the child. Where else would he turn to if he suffers from violence in his own house every day? We must work to make our communities safer for our children, and this starts at home."