NCFA launches the electronic website for the private sector daycare project


The National Council for Family Affairs launched today the website for the project devoted to support and activate the establishment of daycare centers (nurseries) in private sector workplaces in a bid to encourage women to participate in the labor market. The project funded by the Employment-Technical and Vocational Education and Training Fund is one of the projects of the National Employment Strategy executed by NCFA in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor.
According to Deputy Secretary General Fadel Al-Hmoud, the idea behind the website is based on the desire to make use of technological advances in the fulfillment of the project goals in a transparent and objective manner that allows employers to apply for an opportunity to help establish daycare centers.
Al-Hmoud pointed out that electronic linkage project facilitates the submission of applications from all governorates of the Kingdom, thus saving time, effort and money. Through the website, nominated entities are arranged according to the selection criteria developed by NCFA and approved by the Supervisory Committee overseeing the National Employment Strategy. The web link offers information on the project, its goals, how to apply electronically to receive support for the establishment of a daycare (for employers) or receive training on early childhood issues (for concerned individuals who are in direct contact with children under 4 years during their work).
The application process starts by logging on to the application page to apply for support where a window will open consisting information about the purpose of the application and other required information needed to complete the process successfully such as: information regarding the establishment (nature of work or business, location, contact details), necessary data derived from the selection criteria.
In a related context, NCFA signed a cooperation agreement with Jordan River Foundation to ensure cooperation in raising the awareness of the staff working in the daycare centers that are supervised by the Project. The training includes a ToT workshop for childhood specialists on the state-of-the-art methods and modern theories in dealing with children under four years in compliance with international standards of early childhood development. The training will entail the development of a ToT manual for workers in daycare centers in addition to the organization of training programs in the field.
During the signing ceremony, the Director General of Jordan River Foundation Ghaleb Al-Qudah emphasized the importance of partnerships among the different sectors working in the field of family protection so as to reach an integrated system of work that will scale up the level of services provided for families in general and children in particular.
Al-Qudah highlighted the set of accomplishments achieved by Jordan in the last few years in the field of child protection and prevention of abuse which gave it a unique position in the region. He also made note of the challenges that still persist which are demonstrated in the lack of allocation of human and financial resources, the existing gaps in family-related legislation in addition to the obstacles facing the quality of multi-sector services provided for the victims.
The signing was attended by members of the NCFA Board of Trustees, Jordan River Foundation, Ministry of Social Development Secretary General Omar Hamzeh, Director of the Employment- Technical and Vocational Education and Training Fund Ghasan Abu Yagi and representatives of SADAQA (for training and promoting the employment of women).
It is to be noted that the International Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) are among the prominent conventions adopted by Jordan, as it ratified the CRC in 1991 in line with the deep faith of the Jordanian leadership in the need to give childhood issues the attention that it deserve