NCFA signs 7 agreements for new nurseries



NCFA signed 7 cooperation agreements to establish model nurseries in a number of institutions including: The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), Balqa Applied University, Municipality of Ajloun, The Old Village Hotel and Resort in Petra and Al-Istishari Hospital in Amman.
The agreements are part of an on-going project to support the establishment of nurseries in the public and private sectors which is included in the National Employment Strategy launched by the government. The project aims to encourage the participation of women in the labor market through the establishment of model nurseries in the workplace, provide more flexible options for women to engage in the workforce and secure an appropriate work environment for them. On another level, it aims to increase the percentage of child enrolment in nurseries from the current 5% to become close to kindergarten enrolment rate.
Signing the agreements were NCFA’s Acting Secretary-General Mohammad Miqdady, head of The Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development , and JOHUD’s Deputy Executive Director Qais At-Tarawneh to establish 3 model nurseries in three locations including JOHUD’s main office, The Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development and the Social Support Center.
Also signing the agreements were Dr. Musa As-Saleh/ General Manager of Al-Istishari Hospital, Mutasem An-Nawafleh/Operations Manager on behalf of The Old Village Hotel and Resort and Eng. Hasan Al-Ghoul/Mayor of Ajloun Municipality.
Since the launch of the project, 55 agreements were signed to establish nurseries in the public and private sectors with an average of 13 nurseries in the North region, 30 in the Central Region and 12 in the South, said Miqdady, adding that infrastructure for 25 nurseries were prepared covering furniture, equipment and maintenance while another 20 are deemed to be completed before the end of the current 2018.
As he pointed out, the project has so far provided 134 job opportunities within the established nurseries expecting that the new nurseries will add another 240 new jobs.
The project also organized 10 training courses on early childhood skills and nursery work targeting 487 young women across the different Jordanian governorates, Miqdady illustrated, pointing out that a new project will be announced soon to develop a special curriculum for nursery management in cooperation with AGFUND.
Expressing JOHUD’s pride in this partnership, At-Tarawneh praised NCFA for its efforts in handling family issues at the level of strategic planning and policy-making based on the highest social, economic and qualitative skills. He also stressed the Fund’s keen interest in being part of the collective national efforts that seek to encourage the economic participation of Jordanian women, noting that they look forward to further cooperation with NCFA in future in areas of common interest.
On his part, Vice President for Balqa Applied University, Dr. Abdul Nasser Al-Zyoud indicated that the university hopes to establish nurseries in the all its campuses in the Kingdom because of the importance of such nurseries at the workplace