NCFA Signs Two Cooperation Agreements to Establish Family Counseling Centers


Two cooperation agreements were signed today at the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) with Kulona Lelwattan Ladies Charitable Society in Deir Alla and Nisaa Khalda Charitable Society for Family Conciliation to establish family counseling centers in the two societies.
NCFA Secretary-General, Fadil Al-Hmoud indicated that NCFA underscores the importance of participatory work among institutions to enhance the role of the Jordanian family, realizing the instrumental role that it plays in the attainment of comprehensive development.
Al-Hmoud emphasized the significance of family counseling services in the realization of family solidarity, noting that establishing family counseling centers, as an activity of the societies, is part of the Family Counseling Center Project that aims at raising the awareness of family members, particularly spouses, through family counseling sessions, seminars and workshops, in addition to preparing educational and awareness pamphlets on family counseling and its preventive and therapeutic roles directed to family members.
On her part, MP Amneh Algharaghir, member of the Administrative Board of the Kulona Lelwattan Charitable Society, said that the agreements come in confirmation of NCFA's work to include all governorates of the Kingdom in governmental and non-governmental partnerships.
The head of the Society, Feryal Almasri, pointed out that establishing family counseling centers minimizes family problems and maintains unity of the Jordanian family and consequently the Jordanian society.
Head of the Khalda Society, Ghada Abu Al-Sindy said that civil and private institutions complement each other's work in Jordanian cities, stressing that partnerships that are centered around service provision for the Jordanian family secure the best outcomes for the Jordanian society.
The signing of the agreements comes in continuation of NCFA's work in the field of family counseling which has started since 2010 by cooperating with national institutions and societies to provide family counseling services through supporting the establishment of technical consultation centers in Amman, Qarak, Aqaba and Maan. The centers assemble a group of specialists to help family members study their social, psychological or legal problems, understand their root causes and then solve them. Such services are provided in a scientific manner based on understanding and good presentation to re-establish stability in the family and to strengthen its foundation.