NCFA launches a campaign for immortal spotlights in the lives of the elderly


Amman, April 17th, (Petra), Jamil Barmawi

NCFA, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund, launched a campaign aimed at shedding light on the issues of the elderly, in the implementation of the findings of the study on the assessment of nursing homes reality in Jordan, conducted by both NCFA and UN Population Fund in 2021.

Dr. Muhammad Fakhri Miqdadi, the Secretary-General of NCFA, said that the campaign has been launched in light of a deep understanding of the reality of the situation of the elderly at the national level and within the NFCA’s responsibility to achieve its mission and to maximize the status of the Jordanian family, and take care of each of its members, noting that NFCA has given great attention to  the elderly’s issues, considering that their issues fall within the framework of religious, national and moral duties.

He added that the findings of the last study on the elderly category conducted by NCFA in 2021 “Assessment of Nursing Homes Reality in Jordan,” indicated the suffering of some nursing homes as a result of lack of funding and the lack of trained staff to provide services to the elderly, and the need for workers in these nursing homes to participate in training courses to raise their capabilities and qualify them academically and practically.

The study recommended that  the psychological and social services provided to the elderly should be strengthened , the standards for providing these services should be met, and a procedural manual on the procedures for managing cases of psychological and social counselling for the elderly should be developed.

Miqdadi called on the media to pay attention to the issues of the elderly and to document and share their life experiences, which constitute a special signature for each elderly person that can be benefited.

In turn, Khadija Alaween, the Director of Media and Communication at NCFA, told the Jordan News Agency (Petra) today that the campaign "Immortal spotlights in the lives of the elderly" was launched  to shed light on the issues of the elderly as a community group that deserves care and  attention for their  humanitarian, social and national services.

She added that the elderly have experiments, attitudes and experiences that deserve to be reviewed and benefited from so that the summary of those experiences becomes lessons learned for present and future generations.

She also said that the campaign seeks to clarify the roles of all parties concerned with providing services to the elderly.

It is noteworthy that the World Population Prospects Report 2019 indicates that by 2050, 16 percent of the world's population will be over the age of 65 years old.

According to an analytical study on the assessment of the status of nursing homes in Jordan, the number of elderly people in Jordan is 588,100, constituting 5.5 percent of the population until the end of 2020, while the number of elderly people residing in nursing homes is 355, 172 of which are males and 183 are females.