Specialized training workshop on "Protection against Family Violence" Law


With the support of UNICEF and organized by NCFA, a training workshop kicked off on Saturday on the Protection against Family Violence Law No (15) for the year 2017, targeting a group of judges from the Judicial Council (JC), Social Services department managers and forensic physicians from the Family Protection Department (FPD).
At the start of the workshop, Chief Justice of the Court of Cassation Judge Naji Az-Zu'bi indicated that "there has been much talk recently about family violence and it has been taking center stage in government and NGOs' discussions both locally and internationally, which urged Jordan to formulate a special law on family violence, particularly as this phenomenon has prevailed greatly in the past few years. This new law will be consistent with international treaties and conventions ratified by Jordan".
Az-Zu'bi emphasized the cooperation between the Judicial Council and the Ministry of Justice with all entities involved on the family violence project since the year 2000 in realization of the best interest of family violence victims through the participation of a large number of Judges in focus groups which were formed under the project. He also stressed the importance of NCFA's efforts in organizing such workshops for workers in the area of family violence for the benefit of building institutional capacities of all relevant entities to arrive at the best working mechanisms in handling such cases.
During the workshop, NCFA Secretary General Fadel AL-Hmoud reiterated the importance of this workshop in shedding light on the roles of institutions in optimizing the implementation and enforcement of the law, noting NCFA's keenness to enforce the law now that it has been endorsed.
According to Al-Hmoud, NCFA has prepared a three-phase holistic plan the first of which included the organization of awareness sessions held during the months of June and July to familiarize workers in this field with the provisions of the law. The second phases will include a number of training workshops on the implementation of the law; the third and final phase is devoted to the drafting of the bylaws relevant to the implementation of the law which will be discussed with the relevant partners prior to their endorsement.
The two-day workshop discussed the scope of the law, reporting and referral of cases, community-based measures, modern technology, and trial and protection procedures.
It is to be noted that the law was endorsed by a royal decree and was published in the official gazette on 16/5/2017