“The Adventures of Loo ney Balloony” concludes


After performing in several areas in Jordan, NCFA and UNICEF concluded the “Adventures of Looney Balloony” festival that aimed to raise awareness on violence against children and promote positive parenting as part of a national strategy to combat physical violence.
The festival that included a range of educational and entertainment activities for all family members toured the northern, central and southern regions in the Kingdom through October and November drawing over 40,000 visitors in Amman, Irbid, Zarqa and Aqaba.
“This family festival is part of an on-going campaign incepted by NCFA and UNICEF since 2017 to raise awareness on the dangers of violence against children through several events and activities which promote the values of dialogue and positive parenting among family members”, said NCFA Secretary-General Mohammad Miqdady.
UNICEF representative in Jordan, Robert Jenkins, said “we were pleased to be able to communicate and reach out to children and their families in the governorates to work together to end violence against children by spreading knowledge and awareness among children and adults alike”.
The festival also included a range of activities that carried messages to parents participating in the festival. After visiting the photo gallery that included 30 pictures and stories inspired by true stories on physical violence and its effects on survivors, more than 4000 participants from Amman, Irbid, Zarqa and Aqaba vowed to work together to end violence against children by committing to the concepts of positive parenting.
The festival featured numerous gatherings and discussion sessions with influential Jordanian figures in the areas of politics, community, media and arts who engaged in positive and interactive communication with participating families, shedding light on several issues pertaining to child rights, protection and positive parenting programs including discussions on national policies and programs as well as the roles that parents should play to provide a safe and healthy environment to their children