Workshop for National Team for family Protection


The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) organized a workshop on Thursday at the Queen Rania Family and Child Center of the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) for members of the National Team for Family Protection to discuss requirements of the Support Helpline (110) for Families and Children.
The workshop held in cooperation with JRF showcased the findings of an analytical study that reflected the situation of children in the Kingdom, reviewing the phases of the study and its launch.
The study conducted by JRF and NCFA relied on data obtained through the (110) Helpline for Families and Children (run by JRF), Royal Medical Services and the Family Counseling and Awareness Center in Maan.
The Director General of JRF Ghaleb Al-Qudah emphasized that the project aims at creating a systematic mechanism for the collection, analysis, dissemination and issuance of reports by utilizing data available through relevant institutions, with a view to conduct studies that reflect the situation of children in the Kingdom. Accordingly, a model format will be created showing these findings which can be used in future analyses or studies to decide on appropriate actions.
Al-Qudah highlighted the importance of this study which is part of JRF's project on the enhancement of child protection in Jordan through evidence-based planning which is funded by the European Union. The project comes as a response to the urgent need for accurate data for decision makers to rely on to be able to find solutions and propose adequate recommendations.
The Secretary-General Fadel Al-Hmoud indicated that the study has managed to identify national priorities pertaining to the family and children as well as the status of services provided for the children and their families. Accordingly, NCFA will submit the study recommendations to decision makers to draw upon in the formulation of national policies, strategies, action plans, programs and frameworks that are relevant to this field. Al-Hmoud, stressed the importance of the partnership and cooperation among national institutions, which all work to provide enabling environments that sustain family entity and stability to serve our end goal in placing Jordan at the forefront in terms of excellence and advancement.
Muntaha Al-Harasees, head of the JRF’s Child Protection Program explained the phases of the study whereby primary data was collected from the (110) Helpline for Family and Children, the Royal Medical Services and the Awareness and Counseling Center in Maan, which was later on arranged, disaggregated, and analyzed positively to reach findings and relevant key information which might provide indications of significance to decision makers.
Upon the launch of the study, several project sponsors were honored including: NCFA, the company responsible for the positive analysis, Royal Medical Services, Awareness and Counseling Centre (Maan) and the European Union