national Team For Family protection

The National Family Protection Team against Violence is an institutional national approach to policy-making and the development of national plans and programmes for the protection of families based on coordination between all official and civil national institutions, and based on follow-up their implementation process and assess their impact.


It works under the umbrella of the National Council for Family Affairs, and includes representatives of national governmental and non-governmental institutions concerned with the protection of the family, based on the principle of promoting participatory work in the field of family protection, develop national policies in the area of family protection, and  clarify and identify mechanisms, methods, roles, responsibilities and powers. The participatory relationship between all institutions working in the field of family protection. The National Family Protection Team was issued for the  year number 33 of 2016, which organized the frameworks of the National Team in accordance with legal bases and provided it the powers of control and follow-up for all the dealings of national institutions with cases of domestic violence.


One of the team's most notable achievements was that the team was  awarded the UN Human Rights Award in 2003 in recognition of the team's pioneering and recognition of its work and achievements in dealing with the problem of domestic violence and in promoting dialogue on human rights issues. In order to organize the team's work and powers to monitor and follow up on the protection system at the national level, the national team had a by law that was issued with a high royal Decree and executive instructions in 2016.


The team's role is to oversee and control the implementation of national family protection trends and policies and the commitment of national institutions to serve as a reference in the preparation of their institutional plans for the protection and individualization of the family. The team also holds a monthly meeting to discuss the agenda of a pre-prepared meeting, and the meeting is held on the last Wednesday of each month through an  invitation of the team leader or vice president in his absence.