the National Early Childhood Development Team


To ensure the role of the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA)  in its Law No. 27 of 2001 in following up the implementation of the National Strategy for Early Childhood Development and its mandate in supporting the efforts of the various institutions and bodies in the public and private sectors to achieve coordination and integration between them to provide comprehensive care for children, and also from the mission and scope of plan international.

The National Council For Family Affairs (NCFA) and PLAN International signed a partnership agreement in 2018 , for  the formation of the National Early Childhood Development Team

Team goal

 Networking between all the early childhood actors in Jordan to ensure the consolidation and synergy of efforts in the current and future ECD plans and programs.

Team mission

Networking and coordination among all the early childhood actors in Jordan to ensure the integrated and synergic efforts and integration, to gain support for early childhood issues, and to insure the best investment of resources and time to achieve the goals within a common wide national vision.

Team roles

Support the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) in overseeing the implementation of national policies on early childhood development and the commitment of partner institutions to be as reference in the preparation of their institutional plans.

-                   Address and monitor early childhood indicators and prepare an annual national report that reflects the situation of early childhood.

-                   Follow up the implementation and activation of decisions related to early childhood development policies, strategies, frameworks and legislation by the relevant institutions.

-                   Mapping the early childhood programs and activities carried out by institutions, studying the national priorities in the field of early childhood development and identify them, as well as discussing the challenges and improvement opportunities to provide the best services and follow up their implementation.

-                   Provide technical support to the early childhood development national projects through the member of the team.

-                   Contribute to develop national project proposals based on early childhood priorities and secure funding and national partnerships.

-                   Monitor and advocate the recommendations of national, Arab and regional early childhood conferences.

-                   Advocacy for early childhood issues at all levels national, regional and international.

Membership and Meetings

The team includes representatives from 33 national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions, meets once a month on the last Tuesday of every month at 12 pm.