Activation of the Agreement between NCFA and General Iftaa' Department


In activation of the agreement signed by the two parties, NCFA's Secretary-General Fadhel Al-Hmoud received in his office today Sheikh Abdel Karim Al-Khasawneh the General Mufti of the Kingdom.
Al-Hmoud welcomed the Sheikh and underlined the role of the General Iftaa' Department in safeguarding family unity and enhancing its role in the Jordanian community, highlighting the importance of activating the cooperation agreement signed last week by the two sides which seeks to achieve family stability in society.
According to Al-Hmoud, the agreement aims to exchange knowledge and expertise on awareness-building and counseling, achieve optimal benefits and create positive influence through the establishment of an active partnership between the two parties. He also noted that the first activity in the agreement starts today with providing NCFA staff with family information and best practices on marital relationships and parenting issues, to be followed by a series of educational and awareness lectures on family issues for institutions to be delivered by specialists from the General Iftaa' Department throughout the different governorates of Jordan.
On his part, the General Mufti emphasized that the establishment of NCFA is a proof of HM King Abdullah's deep concern and belief in the family and its role within the Jordanian community.
"We seek to maintain the family unity in our society and to build our families according to Islamic Shariah so as to maintain a strong and unified Jordanian society in light of the prevailing conflict of ideas and the diffusion of the identity", Al-Khasawneh indicated, stressing that the existence of family problems hurts us all and that the Department will work with the Council to safeguard the family regarding it as an indispensible social asset.
On his part, the Secretary-General of the Iftaa' Department, Mohammed Khalayleh indicated that the relationship between spouses is built on kindness and mercy and not on a system of rights and duties so that things will be set right, emphasizing that the family is an institution that is built on trust, affection and mercy, which are the bases of success in any family institution.