Conclusion of a Training Workshop on Family Protection Guide Against Violence


Today, Thursday, the training workshop on the Family Protection Guide against Violence, organized by the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) in collaboration with UNICEF, concluded. The workshop aimed to enhance the capabilities of workers and service providers in family counseling centers across the different governorates of the kingdom.

Mohammad Al-Zu'bi, the Assistant Secretary-General for Technical Affairs at the Council, said that this guide supplemented and affirmed the Council's role in institutionalizing the system for protection against violence. It focuses on developing a national mechanism for action based on a collaborative approach, encompassing all relevant institutions in family protection and the unified national procedures for prevention and response to cases of violence in Jordan.

During the workshop, the contents of the guide, prepared by a team of experts and representatives from religious institutions, were presented. Additionally, the national framework sheet for family protection against violence was introduced. This sheet outlines the foundations for providing prevention and protection services and the mechanisms for coordination among all service providers for cases of violence. It ensures the provision of integrated and comprehensive services within a systematic framework of supervision and monitoring.

It is worth noting that the NCFA established a number of family counseling centers in different governorates across the kingdom in 2010 in collaboration with national institutions and associations. The aim was to provide free counseling services to all family members through family counselors, psychologists, and specialists using scientific methods.