Al Hmoud appointed as Secretary General for the National Council For Family Affairs


adhl Al-Hmoud assumed his work as the new Secretary-General for the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA). Al-Hmoud, a member of the National Team for family Protection, served as Family Protection Department (FPD) director for 9 years and is one of the founding members of the department which offers services for the family in general and children and women in particular. Al-Hmoud has taken part in several conferences on Justice and child victims rehabilitation in addition to special forums on children dedicated to combating violence, abuse and negligence. In addition to his participation in a number of courses namely: crimes against children, mid-leadership, and top-leadership courses, Al-Hmoud is a holder of the Jordanian Order of Merit of the 4th order, Independence Medal of the 2nd order and Training Qualification Badge, in addition to various decorations and honor badges during his service in the Public Security Directorate where he assumed different posts the last of which was Assistant Director for Judicial Affairs. It is to be noted The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) was established in accordance with law No. 27 of 2001, headed by (HM) Queen Rania Al-Abdullah. It is a support umbrella to coordinate and facilitate the work of family-focused partners, including governmental and non-governmental institutions, international organizations and the private sector for the better future of the Jordanian family. The Council seeks to enhance the status of the Jordanian family and further its role in society to contribute to preserving its value and civilization heritage to be in line with all the changes that emerge in the Kingdom, and to help ensure a better quality of life for Jordanian families through a national vision that supports the country's developmental policies and enables the family to attain its aspirations.