Al-Hmoud attends launch of "My Family… My Happiness" Initiative


Ajloun News- On behalf of the Ministers of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Social Development, NCFA Secretary-General, Fadel Al-Hmoud attended the launch of My Family ..My Happiness Initiative held by the Islamic Women Center of the Ajloun Awqaf Directorate, in cooperation with the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) and funded by the Al-Qimma Castle Halls owned by Mr. Faheem Al-Smady.
The ceremony, held at the Qimma Castle Hall in Anjarah, kicked off with a speech delivered by Al-Hmoud in which he highlighted NCFA's adoption of a comprehensive program of family counseling, noting that the program targets female preachers so as to build their capacities in realization of the spirit of the one team. Also attending the ceremony were the Director General of JRF, official and security department directors, and other official and public figures,
In his speech, (JRF) Director General, Ghaleb Al-Qudah, talked about JRF's adoption since 2001 of a number of initiatives including more than 60 youth initiatives in the Ajloun Governorate alone. He added that in line with the Foundation's belief that the family is the first building block in ensuring child protection, it has concentrated on the family as a means of protecting the child through the implementation of several programs and action plans.
Speaking on behalf of the Department of Women's Affairs in the Ministry of Awqaf, Wafa' Al-Umer, Department Head said that the Department has launched this initiative in recognition of the importance of the family, particularly that the existence of any dysfunction in the family means a larger one in Society which ushers in violence and extremism.
Dr Ali Al-Momany, Irada Consultant in Ajloun talked about the partnership between Irada and women in all areas, noting that Irada works to empower women with expertise and skills. It also provides economic feasibility studies for micro and intermediate businesses to improve the level of income for women and families.
On his part, Mr. Faheem Al-Smady , owner and manager of Qimmah Castle Halls and a sponsor of the initiative stressed that his participation in such initiatives stems from his sense of responsibility and duty towards society particularly in theses tough times, calling on mothers and parents to monitor their children's behaviors and deal with negative issues as they arise.
In the ceremony presented by Nida' Al-Qudah, Head of the Women's Affairs in the Ajloun Awqaf Department, gave the welcoming speech and highlighted that the initiative's main inspiration comes from the family's pivotal role in preserving society and being the cause of its happiness.
On the sidelines of the event, a theatrical performance was presented by a group of children in cooperation with the Spectrum for visual Arts Association. Furthermore, a number of supervisors who memorized Quran by heart from the Quran Centers run by the Ministry of Awqaf were honored. A charity bazaar for the Irada projects was inaugurated by Al-Hmoud, presenting traditional products from Ajloun, handcrafts, flower arrangements, plants, and traditional food.
JRF presented a range of entertainment performances, a puppet show and songs, all part of an entertainment program organized by JRF in a number of Jordanian governorates