NCFA Prepares a Question Bank for Prospective Babysitters


The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA), in cooperation with the International Rescue Committee, has prepared a "question bank" for tests required of prospective babysitter professionals at the Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission (TVSDC), which is the institution responsible for granting licenses for practicing the profession in Jordan.

This comes as part of the outcomes of the 'Early Childhood Development project, “Ahlan Simsim” Program, which is implemented jointly between the Council and the Committee. The project aims to establish a quality system for babysitters, training rooms and nursery laboratories within the Vocational Training Corporation, in addition to developing standards for the profession of babysitter, as well as preparing a 'question bank' for babysitter practitioner exams.

For preparing the said question bank. The Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission has formed a specialized technical committee, which comprises representatives from the NCFA, the Ministry of Social Development, the Vocational Training Corporation, Hashemite University, Yarmouk University, the National Center for Curriculum Development, and the Friendship Foundation.

According to a joint statement by the Council and the Committee, more than 600 questions have been prepared to create a specialized question bank for the profession of babysitter/nursery. These questions are based on all elements of professional competencies distributed across five main units, including criteria for establishing, accrediting and operating nurseries, caring for infants and children, organizing and implementing individual and group activities to develop the physical, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, and social skills and capabilities of all children.

Within this question bank, relationships with children's families have also been addressed, and procedures and instructions for occupational and general safety and health have been applied. Since they measure the extent to which skills and scientific and practical knowledge related to the competency areas has been achieved, these procedures and instructions are adopted by the authority for practicing the child babysitter/caregiver profession.

These tests will also be applied to all current or potential child babysitters/nursery in various types of nurseries who wish to obtain a professional practice certificate. In the future, the authority will continue to conduct professional practice exams based on its in-force guidelines.

Representative of the Jordanian Judiciary Council, Suhair Tobasi, noted that the strategy for juvenile justice emerged from the National Strategy for Criminal Justice prepared by the Judiciary Council. This is particularly given that the Jordanian judiciary possesses integrated expertise with the National Council for Family Affairs. This collaboration aims to ensure a genuine guarantee for the future of children and enhance comprehensive services for juvenile justice.