Cooperation Agreement between the General Iftaa' Department and NCFA


A cooperation agreement was signed today in the General Iftaa' Department (GID) between the Department represented by the General Mufti Sheikh Abdel Kareem Al-Khasawneh and the Secretary-General of the National Council for Family affairs (NCFA), Fadhel A-Hmoud. The agreement included developing a framework for implementing family counseling programs aimed at raising public awareness on family issues and its protection through the activation of preaching and guidance. The objective of the framework is to strengthen the role of the Jordanian family and ensure its sustainability as a fundamental social unit that contributes to safeguarding religious teachings and the moral and civilizational heritage of society.
On his part, the General Mufti of the Kingdom stressed that Islam has placed great interest in the entity of the family as the first building block of society, noting that the Department and NCFA seek to establish family stability in society.
The Department cooperates with all national entities to integrate and combine efforts, added Al-khasawneh, pointing out that all muftis whether in the Department or in the different governorates of Jordan are performing their duties of raising awareness on family issues in accordance with their national and religious obligations.
According to Al-Hmoud, the agreement seeks to exchange knowledge and expertise on awareness-raising and counseling, achieve optimal benefits and create positive influence through the establishment of an active partnership. It also seeks to enhance the knowledge and awareness of personnel working on family issues and problems from a holistic perspective that incorporates education, health, psychology, moral behavior, marital relationships or parenting; set a model of governmental and non-governmental cooperation that works for the benefit of the family; and refer to the fundamentals and rules of Islamic Shariah with regard to delivering counseling services and raising awareness on family issues.
It is to be noted that according to the agreement, NCFA and the General Iftaa' Department will work to achieve their shared goals in the area of addressing family issues from a holistic perspective, and both parties will undertake their responsibilities and implement actions taken up under the agreement to ensure the achievement of goal