Emirati delegation visits NCFA


On the sidelines of a consultative meeting organized by NCFA on the alternatives of physical punishment of children, Secretary General Fadel Al-Hmoud received UAE's delegation from the Family Development Institution in Abu Dhabi.
The delegation was briefed on NCFA's work mechanisms and goals that are centered around the formulation and follow-up of family-related policies, strategies and development plans; advancement of the quality of life and role of the family to enable it to attain the needs and safety of its members; and stabilization and preservation of the family's solidarity and identity. Delegation members were given an insight into NCFA's supportive role with all public and private sector institutions and entities working in the field of the family in its bid to establish integration and coordination among all stakeholders.
NCFA team also shed light on the National Framework for Family Protection in terms of its preparation mechanism, which was based on a multi-institutional approach, common understanding of family violence, identification of roles and responsibilities as well as the enforcement of accountability to ensure integration and quality of services. The framework was adopted as a national reference document for response to family violence and was rolled-out to all national institutions.
An overview was also given of NCFA's pioneering projects such as the preparation of accreditation and quality assurance standards for family violence services, a project which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and which included specific criteria for services provided for family violence cases in a bid to ensure the delivery of qualitative and standardized services by the relevant institutions in the Kingdom. The recently approved standards include indicators and guidelines that show how the level of institutional commitment and compliance can be measured. Also discussed was the family violence automation system which allows for an electronic monitoring of management procedures for family violence cases carried out by relevant institutions.
NCFA also gave a briefing on its awareness package regarding the safe use of the Internet, which is part of the Parental Awareness Project funded by the Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND). The project seeks to raise awareness on the safe use of the Web by teaching parents practical steps to guide their children while surfing the net.
With regard to the National Strategy for Family Counseling, efforts were exerted by national institutions and experts to develop a strategy the pillars of which cover a range of issues such as information and legal issues, capacity building, professional development and specialized media.
It is to be noted that the consultative meeting was organized in cooperation with Save the Children Association and UNICEF.