Libyan Delegation visits NCFA


A delegation representing several Libyan institutions and administrations visited the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) to exchange expertise and gain an insight into the Jordanian experience in the field of family protection with a view to establish a family and child protection unit in Libya.
The delegation was briefed on NCFA's work mechanisms and goals centered around formulating and following-up policies, strategies and development plans pertaining to the family and its members; enhancing the family's quality of life to enable it to assume its roles in fulfilling the needs of its members and ensuring their safety; ensuring the family's protection, stability, integration and identity; supporting the efforts of public and private institutions concerned with family affairs and effecting coordination and complementation among the different bodies and institutions.
During the visit, NCFA showcased several projects implemented in partnership with national institutions in the area of family protection including the National Framework for Family Protection, the National Strategy for Family Protection against Violence and the Quality and Accreditation Standards for Family Violence Services which regulates and institutionalizes national response in the field of family protection.
Guests were also briefed on NCFA's work mechanism with regard to the drafting of by-laws and instructions for the recently passed Juvenile Law. NCFA is currently preparing a draft law on child rights, and in this regard it is worth noting that NCFA is officially mandated with the preparation of the government report on child rights.
With regard to counseling issues, NCFA has prepared a family counseling strategy and has worked to institutionalize counseling by conducting studies, preparing manuals and implementing training programs for several concerned institutions. It has also provided family counseling services through various counseling centers opened in most Jordanian governorates.
As part of its Parental Awareness Project implemented with the support of (AGFUND), NCFA has developed an awareness package on the safe use of the Internet to help raise awareness on this issue by introducing practical steps for parents to follow while guiding their children on this matter,
The Libyan delegation is expected to visit several relevant institutions including the Ministry of Social Development, National Center for Forensic Medicine, Family Protection Department, Juvenile Police Department, Educational and Rehabilitation House for Juveniles, Dar AL-Wifaq Al-Osary, the Juvenile Court, and the Grand Criminal Court.
September ,7,2015