NCFA Signs Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Family Counseling


The National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) and the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) signed a memorandum of understanding today, Monday, to strengthen frameworks of cooperation and partnership between them in the fields of family counseling and senior citizens.

On behalf of the Council, the agreement was signed by its Secretary-General, Dr. Mohammad Miqdadi, and on behalf of the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization by its Secretary-General, Dr. Hussein Al-Shibli.

Miqdadi said that the Council, in accordance with its Law No. (27) for 2001, has been working towards achieving a greater quality of life for Jordanian families through studies, programs, and projects carried out in collaboration with relevant national institutions and international organizations; in a manner that reinforces and solidifies the concept of a collaborative approach with these institutions.

He added that part of this approach includes memorandums of understanding signed with several institutions that share common goals. He explained that the memorandum aims to strengthen frameworks for partnership and collaboration in the fields of family counseling and senior citizens. In the realm of family counseling, the Council has worked to institutionalize this profession and has established a number of centers in different governorates across the kingdom. These centers provide free counseling services to all family members through qualified psychological counselors and specialists using systematic scientific methods to ensure the highest quality of services provided.

Miqdadi further explained that regarding senior citizens, the Council has developed a national strategy dedicated to this group, which is periodically updated based on the evaluation report of the strategy's components.

He emphasized that due to the importance of involving this group in the development process and providing supportive social environments for them, the Council and the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization will strive to coordinate with various community initiatives related to senior citizens. They will also collaborate with local communities at the governorate and district levels to achieve their goals. Moreover, they will develop mechanisms for opening day centers for senior citizens across the governorates of the kingdom.

In this context, he emphasized that the partnership and cooperation frameworks will be strengthened to implement all programs that serve Jordanian families. This is to create a model of collaboration between government and non-governmental institutions, while ensuring that information and expertise are shared in order to support the efforts of both teams in different fields.

On his part, Al-Shibli said, "Through our work at the organization, we aim to establish partnerships with institutions that share common goals to achieve a broader social protection umbrella with a greater focus on groups that require care and attention. We aim to direct our efforts towards families in general and senior citizens in particular, within a guidance and counseling framework to achieve social solidarity