Minister of Awqaf inaugurates a family counseling center in Eira and Yarqa


In cooperation with NCFA, Minster of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs opened on Tuesday a family counseling center in Al-Bireh Charitable Association at Eira and Yarqa Sub-district.
During the opening attended by MP Mohammad Falah Al-Abaddi and heads of several charity associations and women and youth bodies, Minister of Awqaf said that "we need to nurture our families and address the problems that they face since they are the core of society and development, and by preserving this structure we create a strong and united society", noting that such centers play a significant role in guidance and counseling which lead to an immune society.
NCFA Secretary General Fadel AL-Hmoud indicated that this center is one of nine centers opened in the Kingdom to offer family counseling in a scientific method that enlightens members of the family on family issues and problems and ways of addressing them.
"Our goal is to safeguard the basic unit of our society which is family to ensure the safety of its members and to guarantee its integration through activities that are preventive and informative in nature so as to institutionalize the process of family counseling", added Al-Hmoud.
"We are partnering with associations and civil society institutions to focus on the family which is the basic unit for any society and is at the core of any development process", said Naji Al-Alwan, head of Social Development in the city of Salt.
At the end of the ceremony, honorary shields and certificates were awarded to sponsors.