National Council for Family Affairs and UNICEF launch a campaign on Cyber Bullying “the new epidemic at the time of the pandemic”


Amman, Jordan 2nd December 2020 – the National Council for Family Affairs and UNICEF launched a campaign titled “the new epidemic at the time of the pandemic” to curb the effects of cyber bullying on children, as the number of children cyber bullied during the pandemic rose to 64% according to a recent study conducted by UNICEF Jordan, making it one of the challenges of our times at the same time being an irreplaceable tool for education and work.  This increase in usage calls for educating caregivers and children, and providing tools for the protection of children.

Dr. Mohammad Miqdadi, Secretary General of the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) stated: This campaign comes as the latest in a series of campaigns on violence against children that were jointly launched by the NCFA and UNICEF Jordan since 2017, as well as the National Plan for limiting violence against children that was launched in 2018 and adopted by various ministries and the Public Security Directorate.  Miqdadi also drew attention to a recent study by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission that showed an increase in cyber bullying between 60-80% since the start of the pandemic, where it has become necessary to carry out a campaign to increase awareness as well as educate people on the prevention tools as well as the possible interventions available on cyber bullying on social media platforms, chatting applications and online gaming.

The objective of this national online campaign is to increase the awareness generally on the subject of cyber bullying as well as safety on the internet, as well as providing prevention tools.  It is also intended to create an online conversation amongst caregivers on one side, and teenagers on the other, and encouraging all to take a stand against it as well.  Furthermore, it aims at providing the caregivers with the tools to limit the possibility of cyber bullying and a call for safe internet for children and special attention to those in weaker positions such as women, children and those with disabilities.

Ms. Tanya Chapuisat, country representative for UNICEF Jordan said “child rights must be at the forefront of digital safety and protection policies, especially at this critical time when children and youth are spending more time than ever online. UNICEF is committed to supporting NCFA to empower children to stay safe and protected online, while also educating parents and communities on digital safety and reporting mechanisms.”

This anti cyber bullying campaign comes within a national strategy (2019-2021) for the limitation of violence against children, and this is also a main priority of UNICEF during the pandemic.  It has become vital to shed light on cyber bullying and this specialized online campaign is a result of that; to direct children and caregivers on the types of cyber bullying, its effects and reporting mechanisms.  Furthermore, as the world celebrates World Children’s Day and the 16th day of Activism to end violence against women and girls, there is a responsibility and role for all to make sure that children and women’ rights are at the forefront of digital safety and protection policies. 

Al Mamlaka TV supported the campaign by holding a live ‘virtual’ panel discussion about cyber bullying that addressed the different dimensions related to this issue in order to raise awareness and provide solutions in an effort to reduce it in society. The panel featured stakeholders and experts through the participation of His Excellency Ahmad Hanandeh, Minister of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship and Her Excellency Haifa Al Najjar; senator and the Superintendent of the Ahliyyah School for Girls and the Bishop’s School for Boys.  Major Anas Al-Halahleh, head of the Cyber Crime Unit provided valuable information as well as Advocate Sakher Al Khasawneh, where Ms Rasha Al Jazi shed further light on the issues through her experience as an educational counselor.

This came about as a result of the news channel’s commitment and dedication to advance national campaigns and support them by presenting information to the audience.  The campaign’s introductory film was featured on the program as well as Al Mamlaka’s online presence on social media platforms, making them a strong partner in furthering the outreach of this campaign.

The campaign will continue for 30 days on the social media channels of UNICEF Jordan and NCFA.


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