NCFA inaugurates a family counseling center in Khalda


Under the patronage of Dr Mohammad Hamdan, member of NCFA Board of Trustees, accompanied by NCFA Secretary General, Fadel Al-Hmoud, the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) inaugurated the Khalda Center for Family Counseling in the Nisaa Khalda Charitable Society for family conciliation.
During the inauguration, Hamdan emphasized that the family, the corner stone of society, is confronted with many challenges such as the rising rates of unemployment and poverty and the spread of violence in the community which all demand the creation of family-oriented programs that are concerned with its safety and protection such as counseling programs that seek family stability.
Hamdan stressed the fact that family counseling focuses on the family and its interrelationships, and that through its prevention and therapeutic aspects, counseling attempts to identify, evaluate and diagnose the extent of family problems as they occur.
On her part, Khadijah Alaween from NCFA indicated that NCFA places great interest on family counseling issues, referring to a qualitative study that was conducted by NCFA in 2002 to determine the priority of family issues and problems. The study underscored the need to provide counseling and awareness programs that are specially designed to tackle such matters.
Alaween pointed out that the study, which aimed to reflect the status of family counseling services, stressed the need for such programs as they are the most important prevention programs that ensure family safety. In 2009, Alaween added, a national strategy for family counseling was prepared as the fruit of the efforts of different institutions and experts working in the field. The pillars of the strategy covered several legal and cognitive issues, capacity building and professional development in addition to specialized media issues. Hence, 6 family counseling centers have been opened in several governorates of the Kingdom.
Head of the Society, Ghada Abu As-Sundus highlighted the important task of national institutions in raising awareness, changing concepts and promoting societal