Senate’s Women Committee discusses NCFA plans


Amman, February 3 (Petra) – As part of their concern with family issues, the Women's Committee in the Senate, headed by Senator Haifa Al-Najjar, discussed future plans of the National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA) with regard to enhancing the status of the family and protecting it against violence.

During a meeting attended by the Vice-Chairman of NCFA’s Board of Trustees, Senator Dr. Rajai Al-Muasher, NCFA Secretary-General, Dr. Mohammad Miqdadi, and members of the Senate and Women’s Committee, Najjar stressed the importance of the continued partnership and coordination among all institutions and sectors in the field of the family, noting the value of having a clear understanding of Jordan’s basic social structure and realities on the ground as well as the major milestones that have been achieved by NCFA in its attempt to reach a prosperous and bright Jordan.

Al-Najjar commended the national institutions’ collaborative and complementary endeavors in this regard, calling for more support for their work and projects, particularly the automation project implemented by NCFA by reinforcing inter-agency communication and closer engagement among all stakeholders working in the field of women.

Dr. Al-Muasher, for his part, emphasized the importance of NCFA’s programs concerning childhood issues and the new electronic procedures for children in courts, stressing the importance of the participatory approach adopted by NCFA and the Senate in relation to legislative issues, family laws in particular.

He also underscored the role of the National Team for Family Protection, which works under the umbrella of the Council, in following up on violence cases through the formation of fact-finding committees and issuance of periodic reports on violence issues.

With regard to NCFA’s role, Miqdadi reviewed its engagement in directing public policies and supporting efforts to enhance the status and role of the Jordanian family particularly with regard to nurturing values and culture, underlining at the same time NCFA’s contribution in advancing, safeguarding, and ensuring the  stability and cohesion of the family.

In this context, Miqdadi stressed the importance of intensifying cooperation between the Council and the Senate to amend the necessary legislation while preserving the positive social heritage.

Senators attending the meeting underscored all the issues, programs and strategies that NCFA is working on to preserve social peace and security, including its outlook oriented towards supporting the elderly and devising the necessary legislation to protect the rights of the child.